May 15, 2012

Don't you just love when technology fails you? Above is my mantra this week, which was supposed to be posted as usual on Mondays. It seems I scheduled the post but I didn't hit publish and here it sat, until I finally noticed today. I've been incredibly busy with both personal and work obligations and I can honestly say that in the past three months, I feel a rush of momentum happening. And then something like this happens, and I allowed my mind to beat myself up over it. How can I ever expect to keep momentum going on this blog, my passion project, if I fail to make a post as planned...particularly the type of post that brought many of you here in the first place?

I reminded myself that I chose some time ago to embrace imperfection and let things like this roll off my back. An old high school friend reminded me that it seems like incredibly good, wonderful things are happening in my life to those from the outside looking in. The irony that I chose this quote, this week, on the week that this little glitch happened is not lost on me, fear not.

With so many new readers and commenters (hello, I am really thankful you've stopped by!), I fear that they're comparing me to bigger blogs, bloggers that have been doing this for ages, and blogs that have multiple contributors. Starting today, I've decided to be up front with you, new readers, from the get go. My name is Lauren and I work a full time job in addition to this blog, and some days I just forget to hit the publish button correctly.

And at the same time, many of my favorite bloggers are baring their souls in this "Things I'm Afraid To Tell You" series. As it turns out, we're all a little imperfect. Yet we're all constantly comparing ourselves to each other. We are all sitting around in our yoga pants, working from home, forgetting to eat lunch and sometimes brush our teeth while simultaneously creating perfect outfit boards. And even though that is reality for the majority of us, we still assume that the other blogger must have a life far more glamorous.

I originally created this post to pin on my inspiration board, but I think today's will be added as well. It's high time we were all more kind to ourselves, and others.


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