May 16, 2012

When we moved to San Francisco nearly a year ago, we were so focused on just getting everything moved here from Atlanta, put away, and focused on our new life that we didn't do a ton of decorating. Now that I know we plan to stay in this apartment for a while, I'm going room by room and swapping things out, adding a bit of style to each space.

While our apartment is not old by San Francisco standards - we're 1950s versus many apartments built in the 20s - our bathroom is in need of a little TLC. Since we aren't allowed to paint, that forces me to focus on the actual pieces that go in to the space...both a blessing and a curse.

In the bathroom, my number one design tip is to treat the bathroom like you would any other room. It has to be functional, yes, but functional can also be beautiful. Shopping in the bathroom aisles won't necessarily get you there. When I looked for pieces for our bathroom, I looked at dining ware, living room rugs, and office supplies.

I started with this photograph from Vogue as a jumping off point. I wanted the small space to feel serene and the divers look peaceful and timeless. I decided to hide our glass shower doors that have seen better days with a shower curtain. You may have read that hanging your curtains high above your windows will make your room appear larger. This translates to the bathroom as well - but most shower curtains are sold at a 72" length. That's why I love these extra long shower curtains at an 84" length from Restoration Hardware. Hanging it higher than normal solves the ugly door problem and makes the ceilings look higher.

Most bath mats are really poorly designed but these jute rugs from West Elm come in a 2' x 3' size that's perfect in front of a tub or vanity. Or in the case of our super small bathroom, one rug serves both. These rugs still feel soft underfoot, clean up easily, and are more durable than their towel like counterparts. Better still, they don't get that matted look that normal bath mats get from moisture.

I finished off the vanity by gathering accessories that pull in our favorite colors while remaining functional. The large recycled glass jug can be used as a vase and the votive holder is perfect for relaxing with candles and a hot bath. The carafe can store mouthwash or bath salts and this tumbler is perfect for storing makeup brushes. I like the idea of putting photos in a bathroom and this frame can withstand the elements. This soap dish is perfect for by the sink or for holding jewelry.

If you're interested in following my inspiration for different rooms of our home, I keep an inspiration board here. You can see products I love, rooms that inspire me, and what we've got.


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