Kitchen Cleaning : Green & Gluten Free

August 17, 2011

Did you even think to check your cleaning products for gluten? It's sort of the last thing on your mind, when you're modifying your diet and cutting out things left and right, but cleaning products? Who would have thought!? I had long ago "greened" my cleaning routine, and luckily my favorite products are naturally gluten free.

[1] & [5] If you're new to the gluten free lifestyle, make sure to throw out your old sponges. They likely have gluten lurking in the crevices, and you're just transferring it back on to your gluten-less plates while washing. Why not be a little greener while you're at it and buy some made from natural, biodegradable materials? I like this Twist Dish Dumpling Scrub Pad for tough jobs and the Scotch-Brite Greener Clean Absorbent Sponge for everyday jobs.

[2] Having a dual kitchen that serves both gluten free and gluten filled diners can create crumbs and flour dust chaos. Wipe down your counters continuously. The job's made easier when you use something that smells as delicious as the Ginger Yuzu All-Purpose Multi Surface Cleaner from Method.

[3] Scrubbing the floors is my least favorite chore, but Method's Lemon Ginger Hard Floor Cleaner
makes it less of a hassle. Just squirt it on the floor and mop away. No diluting, no bucket, no hands in dirty water.

[4] As if you need to be told, wash your hands! Lavender Hand Soap from Mrs. Meyer's is tough but gentle.

[6] I'm not big on kitchen gadgets unless they prove themselves incredibly useful, and the OXO Stainless Steel Dish Brush is a keeper. Fill the handle with dish soap and scrub away for easy clean up.


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