December 3, 2013

Seventeenth & Irving's Very Merry Holiday Gift Guide for Guys 2013

Men. They are HARD to shop for, am I right? I start hassling the men in my life for gift ideas starting in October since I know it will take them that long to come up with even one little idea. For my husband-to-be, I've just given up on asking him. Instead, I wait for those little casual hints, come up with something fun for us to do - the experience gift, or I just buy a nicer version of something than he might buy himself.

I think that's a good route to take - the nicer than they might pick for themselves. We gals think nothing of dropping $25 dollars on quality hair care products, but for men? No sir. But a funny thing happens when you either just place it in their medicine cabinet or gift it to them.

"I like this new stuff you got. I mean, it's a little better than the old stuff I guess."

(It's always "stuff.")

And then they're converted, much like we are.

Original Chippewa Plain Toe Boots  |  Saturdays Surf NYC Kurt Cardigan  |  Everlane Crew Tee in Antique & V Tee in Pine  |  Imogene + Willie Leather Football  |  Abingdon Waxed Canvas & Leather Laptop Bag  |  Warby Parker Beckett in Evergreen  |  Michael Kors Scout Chronograph Watch  |  Crosley Portable USB Turntable  |  The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil  |  B. The Product Waxd Styling Paste



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