September 27, 2012

Since you've cleaned out your closet, defined your style, and selected your key pieces to define your closet wishlist, it's time to put it all together.

Looking at my key pieces, I knew that I wanted to stick with my color palette, but add in a few items that could be mixed and matched. I decided to pick the one trend I love right now - burgundy - and go with it.

I knew that I would get lots of mileage out of a burgundy pencil skirt, and I happened on a great steal on this Marc Jacobs bag on Poshmark. A textured sweater in a neutral hue can be worn all year long in chilly San Francisco. And though I already have a trusty black basic blazer, I love the leather trim and the asymmetrical zipper on this one. Black ankle boots can be dressed up or down, and the comfy wedge makes them walkable.

But the real fun comes when you start mixing these pieces in to what you already own. While the combinations are infinite, I decided to show you how you can take just one new piece and add it to what you've already got. With just a single strategic piece, you can create a new outfit for work, and a new outfit for the weekend.


Four completely different looks from just two new pieces. As you can imagine, there are so many additional options. What combinations would you come up with? I thought it would be fun to let you play a sort of "mix master" game and see how many you can put together.

What's your favorite combination? What pieces are you adding to your closet this season to get the most mileage out of what you already own?


  1. I love burgundy, but sadly, it doesn't look that great on me. Boo!
    May I ask, how did you make the collage of all the pieces?! Also, could you send over your purse collection for me to use? K thx. ;)
    xx Johanna

  2. Hi Johanna! I'm so sorry for the delayed reply, this one somehow got caught in the spam filter! I made the collage with Photoshop :)

  3. Also, I got a great bit of advice once - if a color doesn't look great on you to wear, try it in an accessory like a handbag!


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