August 20, 2012

After a couple of really rough weeks involving major sickness, a bit of travel, and just not feeling fantastic, I decided it was time to get out of the house for a bit. I spoke about cleaning out my closet, and while I'm not entirely done, I'm far enough along that I can start to see where I've got holes to fill. I'm being very intentional about anything I buy, and though I understand the value of good classics, I'm also trying to buy inexpensively given the continued weight loss project before 30.

Several of my skirts are too big now, and rather than spend the $25 or so to alter them until I'm down to my desired size, I decided to look for a suitable replacement in the interim. Enter, the burgundy pencil skirt. Burgundy was on all of the runways for Fall, so it's both trendy yet classic at the same time. If you're looking to invest in a classic, J.Crew's double-serge wool can't be beat. A nice substitute is this version from Target, that clocks in at less than $25. The fabric is nice on it, the patent belt doesn't look cheap, and the seams are flattering.

I am also in dire need of wearable pants that I'm not pulling up at the waist every five minutes. I love the look of coated denim. It reminds me of leather and elevates the everyday jean a bit to something special. I think I'll get great use out of a pair, particularly in the "80% of the year is fall" climate in San Francisco. I know that J Brand is the holy grail, and while I would love to own a pair someday, at the moment it just doesn't make sense for me. This pair from Target (can you tell where I took my one trip out of the house this weekend?) fit the requirements for me. They're skinny to the ankle, not too tight, not too low waisted, and only need a slight hem. Since they're not distressed like regular jeans, the original hem doesn't need to be kept, meaning that they'll total less than $30 when it's all said and done.

What's on your wishlist for fall? 

PS - I also saw that they have a version of the amazingly versatile knit pencil skirt from my packing post again. Look at all the colors!


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