What We're Making This Week, August 15th

August 15, 2011

We spent the weekend clearing out our refrigerator of any fresh produce or meat so that we could start with a fresh week ahead. The boy is so good at making up random concoctions from what we have on hand. We ended up having a delicious salad of farmer's market greens with red onion, goat cheese, ripe peaches and a poppyseed dressing with some grilled chicken and stir fried veggies. 

Sunday - We had pork with a homemade marinade. It's one of my favorites. We'll call this cilantro-lime-rosemary mouthwatering marinade.

For the marinade, in a food processor, combine the following:

Squeeze juice of one lime
8 cloves of garlic
Handful of rosemary leaves
Olive Oil

Spread over the pork and let it marinate for about an hour. From here, you can toss it on the grill (yum!) or if you're like us and live somewhere that cooler weather doesn't necessarily encourage outdoor grilling, use a grill pan.

We had this quick and healthy cilantro chickpea salad on the side:

                                                                        Source: ohsheglows.com via Lauren on Pinterest

Monday - We always have a few leftovers from Sunday night dinner, so we tend to take it easy on this night and try to incorporate whatever we have left into something else so it doesn't feel like we're eating the same dishes. I'll likely use some of the pork and serve it over a bed of Jovial Organic Brown Rice Penne Rigate, which I think is the best ready-made gluten free pasta on the market.

Tuesday - Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp over some brown rice. We're using this recipe:

                                                                            Source: skinnytaste.com via Lauren on Pinterest

Wednesday - I found this artichoke crusted chicken recipe on Pinterest and knew I just had to make it. The boy and I are both big fans of artichokes. And anything with cheese is a win in my book.

                                                                          Source: sugarlaws.com via Sara on Pinterest


While I realize they're not quite in season, our produce store had parsnips and I had to have them. My favorite recipe is Thomas Keller's French Laundry creamy parsnip puree. I normally don't post recipes from books here, but since this one is floating all around the internet, here you go:

Three parsnips
1 cup of whipping (heavy) cream
Pinch of salt
1 tsp unsalted butter

Chop up the parsnips into one inch cups and place in a saucepan with the cream, salt, and water. Bring to a boil, the turn down the heat and let it simmer for about 30 minutes. Once the parsnips are soft, strain them, making sure to reserve the liquid.

At this point, Chef Keller asks that you scrape the parsnips through a sieve. On a weeknight, I don't have time for this lengthy task, though a good friend prepared them this way and you CAN tell the difference when it's done. I just take my immersion blender and add a bit of the liquid in until they're nice and creamy, like mashed potatoes.

Thursday - Cedar Grilled Flat Iron Steak with Coffee Rub from Whole Foods with some caramelized brocoli.

                                                                                              Source: wholefoods.com

Friday - This is always our freebie night. We usually check out one of the great restaurants in San Francisco.

What are you cooking this week?


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