If You Don't Know Where To Begin...

January 14, 2015

If the process of simplifying your entire home seems overwhelming, might I recommend a simple place to start?

The bedroom.

Bedrooms are a place to relax, recharge, and should be a calming oasis in your home. It's no secret I'm a lover of neutrals, but if you're crazy about color, try using only soothing tones in your room and see what a difference it makes.

My friends jokingly call my house the 50 Shades of Grey House, for good reason. I love grey because if you pick the right tone, it can feel warm and rich, not cold and steely.

But all of these rooms require serious downsizing of accessories and using just a few items to create maximum impact.

Less to dust and maintain? Sign me up.

Tomorrow I'll share the process I used to simplify our room, but for today, let's just all bask in the serenity of these gorgeous rooms, ok?



  1. My boyfriend often jokes that I only own gray things. We have gray sheets, a white duvet and navy pillows and I love it. He is a little more color-driven (okay, a lot), so we have to find compromise. I think future house decorating will be somewhat difficult because of that, ha.

  2. Yes! For some reason in my past 3 apartments the bedroom is the last to get organized and fully decorated. I'm coming upon a year in our current place and once again the bedroom is a haphazard mix of furniture that doesn't quite work and random styles. One of my goals in the near future is to bring my ideas to life for that room!

    And I am absolutely in the grey camp. grey, black and cream.

  3. That is *exactly* what was happening to me. I had ours kind of decorated and kind of done, but it was also becoming a dumping ground for everything we didn't have room for elsewhere in the apartment - hiking boots, extra linens we never, ever use, wrapping paper (what?) etc. A good clean out helped me see the pieces we actually do need, so I am about 3/4 of the way there with ours. Just need to paint, mostly.

    And I love following you on Pinterest because I always love the look of everything you're pinning. We're on the same wavelength!

  4. That sounds like our bed! My husband (thankfully) just doesn't care. Maybe you can compromise on having more color in other areas of the house but keep the bedroom neutral?

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  5. Ha, thank you. That's kind of what we're going for. I get to choose bedroom decor, he gets to choose living room, and we go half and half on bathroom and kitchen. That's the plan, at least!

  6. Aw thanks lady! Pinterest has helped me seriously hone in my style.

    I need to do a serious deep clean and reorganization. I need to buy some under-the-bed boxes. Also right now we have an old hand-me-down tall dresser. It's fine, but I don't love the style and it doesn't properly fit anywhere in the room. We really need a long low one - so I'm on the hunt.


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