January 16, 2015

Thank you all for your kind responses to this week's posts and your encouragement - it's heartwarming to hear that we're all kind of feeling uneasy with how the blog world has progressed. I am relieved I am not alone, and I am thankful to have this forum to discuss how I am dealing with it and the changes I am making as a result. Please, continue sharing with me your stories, you have no idea what little tip might encourage others to do the same.

Hope that you all have a restful weekend. Here are a few great reads I found this week - did you find anything worth sharing?

What if you set limits for yourself again? Our world of excess can lead to overindulgence, but how can you combat that?

Several of you mentioned Unfancy as one of your favorites in comments this week. I love her, too! If you're looking to downsize your wardrobe, why not try a capsule?

If you're familiar with the minimalist blogging world, you might notice a ton of men. Women can be minimalists, too, from one of my favorites - Be More With Less.



  1. Loving these conversations! I've been cleaning out my blog reader. I'm craving simplicity.

    I love the post about limits, I find limits and structure incredibly freeing. It helps me focus and be more creative with what items/time/ingredients/etc. I do have.

    I also just discovered un-fancy this week! I've been toying with doing a capsule wardrobe. I've been donating so much stuff this past year as I've been getting rid of things that don't fit and I don't wear as well as working on honing in my style/"uniform". My closet is no longer bursting, but now I need to fill some holes. In fact, my basic foundation items are severely lacking!


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