Another Year

August 4, 2014

Yesterday was my 31st birthday, and with all that's going on right now, it was incredibly low key.

31 feels odd.

I could wrap my head around 30. Sure, I had plenty of sweat inducing panics in my 29th year about the big 3-0, but when it came, I was happy to see it. The promise of a new decade, along with some exciting things like an engagement, a new job, and a wedding to plan made it seem....tackle-able if you know what I mean?

And now, with less than 2 months until the wedding, I'm trying to figure out what 31 will look like. Here's what I know:

I'll get married.

I'll go to Greece & Italy (bucket list for yeeeeears).

I'll change my last name.

And then?

Unlike years past, I think I'm okay with just letting this year happen. I'm a go-getter and tend to set big goals and lists for myself with checkboxes to tick off. But one of the best lessons I've learned this year is to make to-do's for the important tasks that actually need them, but the bigger things like life goals, experiences, dreams? Don't force it.

If I held myself to the impossible "life plan" I mapped out for myself around 21? Without going into too much detail, I'm certain I would be miserable. But I still have to gut check myself on this often.

My only plan this year is to just be happy. Happy in the present, happy with all that I'm fortunate to experience, and just really live.



  1. Greece and Italy sound amazing! As for heading into the "30s," if you're anything like me, you'll keep forgetting you are not "just" 30. I keeping thinking I'm 30 and am almost 3 years in! For me, the 30s is about prioritizing my life and time as it's so precious that I'm not going to waste it like I feel like I did in my 20s when time seemed more abundant.

  2. I know *exactly* what you mean. I did a good job of cutting out toxic, time wasting friendships in my late 20s (moving 3000 miles away helped, but a few still remained) because I realized what a valuable commodity my time had become. But like you, I think I'm realizing I can do a better job of that.

  3. So exciting! I've been a planner/list-maker my whole life. I've always had my 5-year (and 10, 20, etc) plan detailed out. But the past year has been a general de-construction of all my plans - in the best way possible. Things I never planned or dreamed for myself have happened (moving for the 3rd time in 3 the best apt ever, getting a job promotion I wasn't even looking for, visiting Africa!) and I've learned to be open to future possibilities that I never ever would have considered before (maybe I won't be working at what I considered my "dream" corporate company until I retire...and instead move to a Scotland for a year or start my own non-profit??). Just being open to different paths has eased my mind so much!

  4. Happy [late] birthday! So excited that your wedding is coming up :)


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