Style to Steal - Lovely Pepa

May 22, 2013

Don't you just love when you find a gem after going down the rabbit hole of Pinterest inspiration?

This happens often to me, because I insist on all of my pins leading back to their proper source, or at least a source that properly credits them.

I stumbled across the pin above, which led me to a Tumblr, but through the magic of this nifty tool I discovered one of my favorite new style blogs, Lovely Pepa. I mean, just check out this girl's closet.

Of course, after digging around, I realize this new-to-me blog is quite big and popular. But isn't that what's amazing about blogs? There are so many out there that you can never quite read them all, and there's always a new source of inspiration to be discovered.

Tell me - what are some of your "hidden gems" that you love to read?

PS - Thank you for all your sweet notes and feedback on my promotion and Joy's Bright Lights feature. You guys are the best. Your patience and understanding while I adjust to this new pace of life mean the world to me.



  1. ooh! love her style! and i have those joie flats too and never thought to wear them with printed pants - love that look!

  2. I am really really bummed I never pulled the trigger on those flats. I had them in my shopping cart forever, then they sold out in my size. Womp womp!

  3. ah! hopefully they'll come back - they are great. but i'm sure they'll come up with more amazing ones soon! funny enough, all of my favorite shoes this season have had been joie - comfortable and simple!

  4. I love falling down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest. In fact, that's probably how I find a lot of the blogs I read!

  5. I didn't know she was a blogger, but I've seen her face/outfits all over Pinterest. How funny!

  6. I am of the "properly sourced or doesn't pin" camp too... miss out on some good ones from time to time, but the src-img tool thing definitely helps! This blog is new to me & oh so fabulous! Thank you for some fresh inspo lady!

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  7. Wow, really wish I could get away those little black shorts :/ Love her look!

  8. It takes me forever to actually get around to pinning things, because I won't blindly repin! It's the right thing to do - I'm glad I'm not alone!

  9. I'm having a major obsession with her closet–looks like I know who I'm style-stalking this weekend!


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