August 30, 2012

I began my skincare routine at 13 the way most teen girls do...with the Clinique 3-Step system. And while it worked for me then, as I became gluten free and an adult I started needing a little bit more oomph. But I detest tons of products and when I'm ready to go to bed, I'm ready to go to bed. That's why I've narrowed my routine down to these items that keep my skin in tip-top shape. This routine takes care of a little hormonal acne, some slight discoloration from sun damage (wear your sunscreen!) and staves off any wrinkles that might trying to be form on my 29 year old skin.

I'm highly devoted to Perricone MD and his more affordable Super line products, because they're the only products I've used where I can tell a difference. They actually work. As an added benefit, the majority of them are gluten free, and since I'm careful to not allow any gluten in or on my body, that makes them perfect for me.

|  NIGHT  |

I think the most important time to take care of your skin is at night - this is where you get rid of all the oil and grime that's collected on your face through the day, the environmental toxins, and the makeup you wear. Every night, I wash my face with Perricone MD Nutritive Cleanser and my Oil of Olay Pro-X Cleansing Brush. The cleanser is gentle and keeps my skin balanced - it's combination so this moisturizes the dry parts but controls the oily T-zone area.

I love my Oil of Olay Pro-X Cleansing Brush. My skin improved drastically when I started using this because it provides gentle exfoliation and allows your cleanser to work that much better. While there are cleansing brushes that cost $200 plus - and I've used one to compare the difference - I really think this does the job well for the $30 price tag.

If I'm feeling especially lazy, I recently started using these Yes To Carrots Clear Skin facial towelettes. They remove all makeup and have acne fighting ingredients, but they don't dry out your skin.

I finish things off with Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Serum underneath my eyes and Super by Dr. Perricone Night Recharge. I consider these two my magic potions. I don't get into a ton of anti-aging stuff, but these two provide a marked difference in my skin on the nights I put them on and the nights I don't. When I do, I wake up with bright, glowing skin that looks refreshed. When I don't put it on, well, I don't.

|  DAY  |

Mornings are where I tend to slack off in the skincare department. My face doesn't get oily as I sleep, and I don't feel cleansing it is necessary. But to refresh my skin, I'm using these Yes To Carrots Age Refresh brightening facial towelettes. Again with the brightening - it's clear what my skin goals are, yes?

Since I work from home, I skip full makeup most days and instead use Super by Dr. Perricone Sun Kissed. It's a moisturizer that contains turmeric - known for it's brightening properties, of course - and has a bit of a tint to it that blends in to your skin. It hides light discoloration and makes me look awake, without feeling heavy like foundation. A little eye cream helps my concealer glide on easier.

All day and night, I use Vapour Organic Beauty lip conditioner. It is the best lip treatment I've ever used, and I apply it semi-obsessively. And since it's gluten free, organic, and cruelty free, I think it's perfect. It has just a hint of gloss, but is not super shiny.

Do you use anything exciting? I love trying new products and would love to hear what's in your medicine cabinet.


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