July 3, 2012

If you're looking for a little patriotic snack to whip up just in time for Wednesday, might I recommend this fresh cherry salsa? For dipping you can add blue corn chips (these are my choice) and serve on your favorite white platter.

Easy to throw together at a moment's notice, it's quick but flavorful enough that people will be begging you for the recipe. My friend Alison made this ages ago and I've been making it ever since she graciously gave me the formula.

Here's what you'll need...

1 pound of ripe red cherries
1 jalapeño (or more, if you like a real kick)
Juice of 1 lime
Top half of a cilantro bunch

Pit all cherries and deseed the jalapeño. Place them in a food processor with the cilantro and use the lowest setting for a rough chop. This turns to liquid quickly on a high setting, so use the pulse option and check frequently. Mix in the lime juice and serve.

Though best served fresh, this can be made in advance, but no more than 24 hours. The lime juice keeps the cherries red but will soften them the longer it sits. I've also made a pineapple and mango variation of this using the same formula. Perfect for a summer snack.

Are you making anything fun for the holiday?


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