June 26, 2012

While most of you are posting about how to beat the summer heat, I'm experiencing the type of weather that only San Franciscans (and maybe Seattle-ians...Seattle-people...Seattle-ites?) are intimately familiar with.

That's right, June gloom.

You see, because of our unique geography, we're stuck with cold, foggy mornings in the middle of the summer while the rest of the Bay Area is basking in the sunshine. Call me crazy, but I appreciate the respite from the heat. That might be due to my upbringing in the South, where it was 100 degrees by 9:00 AM.

As I mentioned in my feature on Elembee yesterday, we San Franciscans are left scrambling for ways to look and feel summery without freezing. Solution? Bright, colorful flats! They add a bit of a punch to the jeans, cardigan, and scarf uniform.

Which is your favorite pair?

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