Gluten Free Hair Products

November 3, 2011

Did you read this article in the Huffington Post about hidden gluten in cosmetics & personal care products? For those of us with Celiac disease, even trace amounts of gluten can cause problems. That's why it's important to examine every product in your arsenal. Hair care was one of the hardest products for me to find. Luckily, the brand Alterna has an entire line that's free of gluten called Bamboo. It comes in volumizing, shine enhancing, smoothing, and color protection. It's also free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, and GMOs. I use the volumizing shampoo & conditioner, followed with the plumping strand expand for a little oomph at my roots. After blowdrying, I spritz one pump of the kendi oil on my hands and run it over the ends for a little texture while adding some moisture back in to keep the ends soft. Since I only wash my hair every other day or so, I use a trick from my stylist - put a bit of dry shampoo in your clean hair. It keeps the oil from forming. Then the next day, put a little bit more in and you have hair that looks freshly washed. I like the dry shampoo from Alterna's Caviar line, because it's more effective than the spray dry shampoos and is also gluten free. To finish everything off, I use a bit of Redken hairspray.

While I've contacted each of these companies and confirmed the gluten free status of these products, please be reminded to always double check labels and contact companies if you're unsure. In my experience, I've received fast and clear responses from both Alterna & Redken. 

Do you have a gluten free beauty product you can't live without? I would love to hear your favorites in the comments.

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