Lunchbox Necessities

August 12, 2011

Heading back to school with gluten free kids? It's critical to pack a safe, healthy lunch for most of you with families. Not only is packing a lunch healthier and more nutritious, but it's often the only way to ensure you get a gluten free meal. For those of you without kids, packing your lunch can save you money! With the cost of lunch averaging around $10 per meal dining out, you can save yourself $50 a week.

I find that I'm more likely to pack my lunch if I have great tools and fun accessories that make carrying my lunch less like a boring brown paper bag and more like an exercise in self expression!

[1] Built NY makes my favorite lunch bags, hands down. This Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote keeps your lunch cool and styling in multiple colors and patterns.

[2] Salads more your style? This Bon Appetit bento box from Flight 001 comes with a separate sauce pot for your salad dressing so you don't end up with soggy lettuce.

[3] Plastic bags create a ton of waste. I like to use these Lunchskins snack bags and sandwich bags. They come in kid and adult friendly designs and are kinder to the environment.

[4] Ditch those plastic water bottles. Stay hydrated with the Kor Delta Hydration Vessel, BPA free.

[5] I love anything multi-use, and this Klipo Cutlery Set from The Container Store is no exception. Whether you want chopsticks, a fork, a knife, or a spoon, the set comes with two handles with interchangeable utensil heads, and a handy storage case.

[6] For days when I'm on the go and want to make sure I have a healthy, gluten free snack available, I use one of these Pack-A-Snack containers to stash some gluten free crackers, trail mix, or fruit pieces in my bag.

Do you carry your lunch to school or work? What's your favorite gluten free lunch recipe?


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