Restaurant Review : Ecco

March 29, 2011

One of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta is Ecco. I always have a great experience at this romantic, vibrant restaurant even with my gluten free diet. I was thrilled to see Fifth Group Restaurants - the group behind Ecco and another favorite, South City Kitchen - start offering a gluten free menu. While they were always able to help me navigate the menu and choose carefully before, the dedicated gluten free menu helps me choose things without having to ask a thousand questions. While I understand it's my right to ask those questions, sometimes you just want to feel like every other diner and just choose something off the menu to eat, no?

Ecco serves seasonal cuisine with a European flair. Influences of the Mediterranean, Italy and Spain can all be seen on their menu. Headed by Chef Micah Willix, Ecco's menu rotates regularly, implementing the best flavors of each season with a focus on house made ingredients, and even house grown on their roof top garden. Some of my favorite dishes here are the risottos. Since the dishes change often, each time I go it's different, but any risotto they make is an instant favorite. I've had many variations and they never disappoint. Ecco also makes me favorite mussels, ever. They're served in a rich and creamy romesco broth and always perfectly cooked. And while I used to think that I disliked lamb, Ecco is the only place I will choose this dish.

If you're feeling like a glass of wine and some small plates, I enthusiastically recommend the cured meats & cheese selections. They generally have Speck on hand, a smoked proscuitto that's out of this world. I like it paired with Cana de Oveja, a soft sheep's milk cheese from Spain.

Full yet? Should you have saved any room for dessert, Ecco's house-made ice creams are incredible. I've tasted them all between my many meals here, and while you can't really go wrong, I keep coming back to the chocolate roasted orange. It reminds me of those orange flavored chocolate candies that came in the orange tin foil wrapper I used to get for Christmas.

While Ecco serves many gluten and non gluten filled selections, the staff is always incredibly helpful with their recommendations and takes great care to avoid cross-contamination. I've never had anything but excellence at Ecco, and I highly recommend it for gluten free diners.

Ecco is located in Midtown Atlanta at 40 Seventh Street NE, 404.347.9555.


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